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Let us take care of your smile at our premium dental clinic in the Algarve

In our Dental Clinic in the Algarve, we have a team specialized in dentistry, dental aesthetics, harmonization and facial rejuvenation.

We speak French, English, Spanish and Portuguese so you feel at home, comfortable and with complete confidence in our professional service.

We are Atelier do Sorriso in Almancil, Faro, central Algarve

Premium Dentists in the Algarve: A team of Oral Health Experts in the center of Algarve.

Located in Almancil, Atelier do Sorriso has more than 20 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers. Here you will always have a team of smile specialists to advise and accompany you in all treatments.

We work with the best technologies on the market and prioritize your comfort so that, while you wait for your turn, you have wireless Internet access and during your appointment you can watch television or listen to music in a pleasant and welcoming environment.

Dental Clinic in Algarve: Dental Treatments

At Atelier do Sorriso, we are dedicated to perfecting every detail of your smile, from the smallest corrections to the most complex transformations. Prioritize your overall well-being with us.
implantes dentários dentes

Implants and All On Four

Medical team experienced in implantology and grafts. Modern equipment. All On Four system.
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Transparent aligners for discrete orthodontics, as an alternative to conventional orthodontic processes.
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scanner dentes

3D Scanner - Digital Molding

Greater precision with scanner moldings, without frames. Greater precision, speed and quality without inconvenience to the patient.
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dentes alinhados

Contact Lenses and Facets

Redesign misaligned, deformed or broken teeth—different types of materials that change shape, color and poor positioning.
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reconstrução sorrisos homens manchas

Reconstruction of Smiles

We will take care of all the steps for oral and facial aesthetic rehabilitation—previous simulation in digital software for patient approval.
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Clareamento Dentário em Almancil, Faro, no centro do Algarve

Teeth Whitening

Professional whitening involves whitening teeth to make them lighter with varying shades.
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tomografia 3d algarve

Tomography / 3D

Examination of choice for obtaining high definition images of the craniofacial complex allowing for accurate diagnoses.
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desvitalizar dentes microscopio Microscopia Endodontia

Microscopia - Endodontia

In solving complex cases, the microscope minimizes the obscurity of the operative field by favoring the procedures.
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Dentista Periodontia Algarve


Diagnosis and treatment of gum problems, recessions, reconstructive surgery and gum grafts.
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medicina dentária generalista

General Dentistry

Diagnosis and treatment of biological, structural, functional and aesthetic problems of natural dentition and adjacent tissues.
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piezocirurgia extração sisos


Bone interventions with a device that makes techniques more accurate and safer and reduces post operative discomfort.
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odontopediatria dentista crianças

Pediatric Dentistry

Child care, in an environment and language that provide well-being and comfort to the little ones during the parental guidance service.
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preenchimento labial

Lip Fill

Correction of asymmetries, promoting lips with greater volume and more defined contours and reduction of wrinkles around the mouth.
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sedação consciente

Conscious Sedation

An alternative that allows safe, quality dental treatments without discomfort for the patient. For adults and children.
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And that's not all !

In our clinic we offer more than 30 types of dental treatments, including modern treatments with laser dentistry.

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Message from the management

“They say that those who work for pleasure do not get tired. And it is so true that we have devoted so much of our lives to studying, updating concepts, and attending training courses. We invest in cutting edge technology and knowledge to achieve excellence in everything we do, with honesty and always a smile to welcome you. We are tireless in trying to respond to our patients’ wishes.”

“Your smile is our raison d’être!”

Dr. Patsy Delgatto & Dr. Cristhiane Hanna,

Medical Dentists, Founding Members.

Quality Dental Materials and Equipment | Laser Dentistry

Safety & Quality

We have modern and welcoming facilities and the most advanced equipment in Dentistry worldwide. Everything to guarantee the quality of services rendered and the satisfaction of our clients.
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Excellent Dentists at Our Dental Clinic in the Algarve

Certificates and Diplomas from Our Team

Advanced Surgery, Periodontology, Orofacial Harmonization, Oral Implantology and Prosthesis, Periodontics, Aesthetic Manipulation, Facial Harmonization

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