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About 3D Scanner - Digital Molding

Atelier do Sorriso is constantly investing in modern technologies that make dental treatments faster, more accurate and more comfortable. We are one of the first dental clinics in Portugal to acquire the new 3DShape. ® intraoral scanner for making digital and colored digital impressions for intraoral scanning and three-dimensional impression in color, with highly accurate color images of teeth and gums.


Comfort – the use of the intraoral scanner allows a faster and more comfortable impression for the patient, especially for those who report afflictions, reflux, nausea when using impression materials in the oral cavity,

Predictability of the results – the reading of the different shades of the patient’s teeth allows the making of restorations reproducing these same colors, leaving them with natural aspects in the overall smile. In a recent joint study, it was found that measuring the shade of Trios is more reliable than that of the human eye.

At the Atelier, nothing is left to chance!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Digital Molding?

Digital molding eliminates the need for molds, trays with printing materials, which in addition to being less accurate, cause nausea and discomfort to many patients.

A 3D Scanner is an indispensable tool for achieving aesthetic excellence and perfect adaptation of prostheses and crowns; it is fundamental for planning and simulating smiles; to control over time the wear of teeth of patients with bruxism.

How does Digital Molding work?

The scanner is able to perform a complete reading of the dental arch with an intraoral camera in a few seconds, and the captured data is sent to the computer, which creates a very high-quality 3D image.

Is the procedure uncomfortable?

No. This technology brings more comfort to the patient than traditional methods, as there is no hassle of having a viscous material in the mouth or the risk of the person choking.

What changes in relation to normal service?

In addition to being a more comfortable process, the digital system also almost completely eliminates the chance of error, since the prostheses are more accurate. This system allows digital molding to be sent directly to manufacturers, which ends up speeding up the manufacturing process and the start of treatment.

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