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About Tomography / 3D

Digital tomography, also called CBTC, is a radiological medical examination, which allows visualizing the anatomical structures in three dimensions (3D) and diagnosing with precision.

Whenever it is necessary to visualize in detail the anatomical details that the simple X-ray cannot achieve in detail.

It is essential for accurate diagnoses, confirmation of measurements, the presence of bone, structural and anatomical changes, location of foreign bodies, etc.

It guarantees patient safety by assisting us in making decisions and planning before and during the most complex interventions.

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Frequently Asked Questions about 3D Tomography

What is 3D Tomography?

3D tomography is an examination whose operation is similar to the X-ray where these same rays are used to obtain images of the patient’s internal parts (bones, organs and other structures), so the machine that performs the tomography produces transversal radiographs, which are processed by a computer.

What is its importance?

3D tomography is an examination of images of extreme importance, as it helps in the diagnosis of various diseases, assessing their degree of severity. It is a non-invasive procedure, being indicated for people of all ages. This exam offers more detailed images of the patient’s internal organs, which is why it is considered a very important procedure for diagnosis and monitoring of certain treatments.

How is the 3D Tomography exam done?

Lie on the table of the device (called a tomograph), in a position that varies according to the part of the body to be examined. Through detectors, the equipment captures several images for a few minutes. During the image capture process, the scanner rotates around the patient’s head, obtaining up to approximately 600 images. The digitization software collects data and reconstructs, producing what is called a three-dimensional digital volume.

Can Anyone Do a 3D CT Scan?

Yes, however, tomography is not indicated for pregnant women. Asthmatic or allergic individuals need radiologist evaluation. In this case, the specialist can medicate them before the substance is used or even ban it. Talk to the doctor about your health conditions and answer the questionnaires previously made with sincerity.

How long does it take to do a CT scan?

In general, the complete procedure for the exam is performed in a maximum of 30 minutes.

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