Facial Aesthetic Treatments for Men

Facial Male Aesthetics

A younger appearance is an asset, and a well-maintained body increases self-esteem. Have a harmonious, masculine face with a beautiful smile.

We are specialists in the beautification of the smile and the enhancement of the male face contour, because there are, in fact, specificities in relation to male aesthetics. It is essential to have a thorough knowledge of facial anatomy and understand the patient’s needs in order to achieve good results.

More and more men are looking for male aesthetic consultations. The prejudice is gone! See below the two types of treatment for men!

Dental Aesthetics and Harmonization for Men

reconstrução sorriso clareamento facetas invisalign

Smile Reconstruction for Men: Smile Makeover

Bleaching, Veneers, and Invisalign

A more beautiful and attractive smile increases self-esteem and brings status. Especially for men, we have many alternatives: tooth whitening, veneers, Invisalign …

homens harmozinação facial botox mandibula malares fios

Facial Harmonization for Men: Facial Sculpting

Jaw, Cheekbones, and Wires

We value the male face, natural aspect: application of “Brotox”, definition and contour of the jaw, projection of the cheekbones (masculinization of the lines), tensioning wires…

branqueamento dentes

Smile Reconstruction for Men: Smile Makeover

The power of the smile is enormous! It can translate a state of mind and can make all the difference at important moments in our life.

It is essential to be able to smile openly without fear or embarrassment. In this smile process, teeth are the main actors – teeth must be healthy and beautiful.

For this, we have three types of treatments that can be applied together or separately, depending on the situation and the patient.

Teeth Whitening

Age, possible lack of hygiene, and eating habits make your teeth darker. White and beautiful teeth, perfect smile!

Facets / Dental Veneers

Used to redesign misaligned, deformed, or broken teeth, restoring them aesthetically.


Leading brand of removable transparent dental aligners. Fix your teeth without metal braces, effectively and discreetly.
homem harmonização facial

Facial Harmonization for Men: Facial Sculpting

Effective and safe facial rejuvenation treatment that gives balanced proportions to the face. Free evaluation.

Male facial harmonization has gained strength in recent years, especially among the famous. Do you see yourself in the mirror and don’t like or see yourself in your image?

Botulinum Protein / Botox

Immediate and long-lasting results. Effective for men looking for an effective solution to the problem of wrinkles and aging.

Definition and contour of the jaw

The jaw-line is of fundamental importance in the composition of facial aesthetics. It is the jaw that shapes and provides the structure for the face!

Cheekbones or Zygomatic Bone

What Americans call the ``wow effect``. Allows you to obtain a prominent malar region with discretion. A more masculine face!

Tensioning Yarns

Innovative technique in natural facial rejuvenation. Stimulates collagen production, gives firmness and corrects sagging face.

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