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Facial Rejuvenation and Facial Harmonization Treatments

Non-surgical procedures that aim to restore self-confidence and well-being, restoring the natural proportions of the face, attenuating expression marks, and the signs of time and age, through different techniques and products.
botox treatment algarve

Botulinum Protein / Botox

To smooth out dynamic expression wrinkles.
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duplo queixo

Double chin/chin reduction

Enzymes for reducing the jowl.
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rugas acido hialuronico

Hyaluronic Acid / Fillers

Filling furrows, wrinkles, expression lines, and skin scars with hyaluronic acid, present in our body. Lip contour and volume.
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mesoterapia microagulhamento

Mesotherapy / Skinboosters

It improves the elasticity and dermal structure of the skin by controlling sagging, blemishes, and wrinkles, again bringing a younger, showy, hydrated, and natural look.
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fio sustentação

Tension Wires / pdo

New non-surgical lifting method based on multiple implantations of polydioxanone (PDO) mini wires, which form a vector network that acts as a support for the flaccid tissues and with a lack of volume on the face and body. The application procedure is simple and quick.
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radio frequencia mesobiolift algarve

Radiofrequency / Ionization

Non-invasive facial and body treatments by collagen stimulation, which promotes improvement in cases of flaccidity and localized fat through radiofrequency. Non-invasive procedure for the penetration of active compounds into the skin for hydration.
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peeling químico homens

Chemical Peeling

Application of acids on the skin to remove damaged layers and promote the growth of a smooth layer are used on the face, hands, and neck to remove blemishes, acne marks, and scars.
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Ozone therapy

Soon in our clinic, Ozone Therapy is a therapeutic practice in which clinical ozone is applied to treat a wide number of pathologies, namely acute and chronic infectious diseases.
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