What is lip filler? How can it be done?

Discover the art of beauty and facial harmony with lip fillers at Atelier do Sorriso, located in Almancil, in the heart of the Algarve. Our gentle and professional approach ensures natural and balanced aesthetic results, enhancing the beauty of each smile.

This minimally invasive procedure (not surgery) is performed in the office with local or topical anesthesia, depending on each patient’s sensitivity.

Lip fillers correct asymmetries, create more defined contours, can restore volume, and eliminate wrinkles around the mouth.

A prior photographic study is done to discuss and design each case specifically for each patient, based on their expectations, age, lip shape, and facial structure.

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🤔 How is Lip Filling Done in Faro, Algarve? The Steps:

  1. Cleaning: The lip area is cleaned with an antiseptic to ensure hygiene before the procedure.
  2. Anesthesia: The professional may apply anesthetic cream or make a small local anesthetic injection in the lips to minimize discomfort during the procedure.
  3. Marking: The professional makes precise markings on the lip area to determine the injection points and desired outcome.
  4. Hyaluronic Acid Injection: Using a needle or a fine cannula, hyaluronic acid is carefully injected into the lips, following the pre-made markings. The professional may gently massage the area to distribute the product evenly.
  5. Evaluation and Adjustments: After the injection, the professional assesses the results and makes additional adjustments if necessary to achieve the desired appearance.
  6. Recovery: Post-procedure, mild swelling, redness, and sensitivity in the lips are normal. The professional may recommend using cold compresses and soothing creams to relieve these symptoms. Avoiding sun exposure, intense physical activity, and alcohol consumption in the first 24 hours is also advised.
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⁉️ Frequently Asked Questions about Lip Fillers:

Is lip filler suitable for men? What to expect from this treatment?

preenchimento labial homemYes, lip fillers with hyaluronic acid are suitable for men wanting to improve their lips’ appearance. This procedure can increase lip volume, smooth wrinkles, correct asymmetries, or define lips more clearly.

Men can expect a natural, subtle result, enhancing facial harmony and offering a younger look. The procedure is relatively quick, has a short recovery time, and usually shows immediate results.

What products are used for lip fillers?

Hyaluronic acid is the preferred product for lip fillers, being the raw material of our collagen and recognized by the body even when synthetic.

How much hyaluronic acid is used?

Each session typically involves 1 to 1.2 ml of hyaluronic acid (one syringe).

Is anesthesia necessary for lip fillers?

Yes, topical or local anesthesia is used in lip filler procedures.

How long do the effects of lip fillers last?

The effects usually last for about a year and a half, but collagen stimulation can extend the results up to three years.

How long after can the treatment be repeated?

The durability of the product in the lips is 9 to 12 months.

For a greater increase than 1ml, a 2 to 3-week interval between applications is recommended for optimal results.

How much does lip filler cost in the Algarve?

In compliance with the Portuguese Dental Association’s guidelines, we are unable to publicly disclose specific pricing for lip filler procedures on our website. However, we’re more than happy to provide this information through direct communication. Please feel free to reach out to us via WhatsApp, phone, or by using the contact form on our website. This approach allows us to offer a personalized estimate tailored to your individual requirements and the details of the desired treatment.

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