sedação consciente

Conscious Sedation

Conscious sedation overcomes the anxiety that many people, particularly children, usually have when visiting the dentist

It is a non-invasive and safe technique widely used, both in adults and children, and involves inhalation of nitrogen protoxide gas through a nasal mask. After inhalation, users remain awake, calm and can cooperate in whatever is necessary to carry out the desired treatments.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Conscious Sedation

Who is it for and in what situations?

Adults and children over 2 years; patients who are very afraid of pain and / or have very high levels of anxiety; very uncooperative children; patients with intellectual disabilities; more complex surgeries; can be used in hypertensive and diabetic patients.

Is it a safe method?

Yes, sedation with nitrous oxide is one of the safest anaesthetic methods, with the patient being monitored using a Pulse Oximeter that will show all of his vital functions.

Who can it be applied to?

It can be applied to practically everyone, except in cases like: pregnant women in the first trimester; pneumothorax; subcutaneous pulmonary emphysema; craniocerebral trauma.

Conscious sedation is only applied after an evaluation of the clinical history, carried out in a first consultation.

Are there any application limitations?

The biggest limitation of conscious sedation is the fact that it cannot be performed when, for whatever reason, the nose is blocked, since it is done by inhalation, with other alternatives to the method.

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