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At Atelier do Sorriso, in Almancil, we carry out all types of clinical and general dentistry treatments.

Our doctors are involved, in a transversal way, in all areas of dentistry.

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The Atelier do Sorriso team is dedicated, competent, friendly, well trained and is aware that


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General Dentistry Work

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I be consulted by the dentist?

At least once a year and since the eruption of the 1st tooth, to prevent any development of disease in the teeth or gums, not least because: Prevention is always easier than treating. The ideal is to do semi-annual checks.

What is the best diet to keep your teeth healthier?

It must be simple, varied and balanced. Avoid eating sweets outside of mealtimes, preferably only for dessert.

When should I change my toothbrush?

Every 3 months, or when the bristles bend.

What instruments should I use to brush my teeth?

Toothpaste and brush always soft, wire or dental tape every night and in cases where the brush is indicated.

What is tooth decay?

It is a disease that affects almost 90% of the population. It is caused by the action of certain bacteria that can cause partial or total destruction of the tooth.

How can tooth decay arise?

When foods containing carbohydrates, such as sweets, cakes, chocolates, gums, etc., are ingested, the cariogenic bacteria will break them down and generate acids that cause the dissolution of the mineral content of the teeth and consequently the appearance of lesions caries. This action is particularly effective when these foods are eaten very often outside of meals or in the evening before bedtime.

How do I know if I have tooth decay?

When you feel the presence of a cavity, or the absence of a part of the tooth, you will most likely have an advanced tooth decay injury. Detecting cavities at an early stage is not easy and can usually only be performed by dentists.

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