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Periodontology is the science that studies and treats diseases of the implantation and support system of teeth.

The pathology of the gums is silent and progressive, and gingivitis, if left untreated, evolves and becomes more severe and complex – periodontitis. Bone loss becomes irreversible, bad breath, teeth change position and compromise smile and oral health.

Gum diseases are directly related to heart problems, premature birth, diabetes and others. The treatment, which may be clinical or surgical, aims to stabilize the condition and restore oral health.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Periodontology

What is periodontal disease?

Periodontal disease is characterized by inflammation and destruction of protective tissues (gums) and support (bone, cement and periodontal ligament) of teeth.

What is the main cause?

The main cause is incorrect oral hygiene associated with genetic susceptibility, smoking, among others. Without proper cleaning of the mouth, bacteria, food scraps and dead cells produce what is called bacterial biofilm – popularly known as plaque.

What are the risks of periodontitis?

The risks of periodontitis/periodontosis are many. Without proper care, it can lead to the loss of the structures that support the tooth in the mouth (bone, ligament and cement) and, in more advanced stages, cause the loss of teeth, bad breath, mobility and change in the position of the teeth, cardiac complications. , premature birth, among other changes in the individual’s systemic health.

What are the symptoms?

Gingival bleeding, bad breath, gingival swelling, spontaneous tooth mobility and movement and even tenderness. It is an evil that is mostly silent, painless.

Do good hygiene conditions eliminate the risks of the disease?

Even those who have good oral hygiene conditions are not free from the risks of some gum disease. Genetic factors can influence the predisposition of bacterial biofilm formation. In addition, smoking and stress contribute to the increased risk.

Is there an effective treatment?

The treatment of periodontal disease does not recover the bone support that was lost, but it stops the progression of the disease. In other words, periodontosis has no cure, but it is a chronic, controllable disease. So, yes, there is an effective treatment and the dentist who accompanies the patient is the most suitable person to guide him on the process.

How is the treatment?

The treatment is done by removing the adhered plaque by scraping and smoothing the roots of the teeth. When scraping instruments do not reach the entire affected root area, surgeries are indicated to facilitate access.

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