About Reconstruction of Smiles

In recent decades, cosmetic dentistry has evolved considerably, following the steps of technology. At Atelier do Sorriso, we take care of all stages for aesthetic oral and facial rehabilitation, making prior simulation in digital software for prior approval of the patient.

We deal with small corrections, up to major oral rehabilitation according to each case.

Using all the technology and modern equipment combined with the new techniques, we can modify the color and shape of the teeth, close the diastemas, correct the positioning and even replace lost teeth, giving the patient a harmonious and natural smile.

After consulting with our team, we will make molds, photography, scanner scanning, digital smile design, simulation prior to treatment: we use all the tools to meet the expectations of each case.


Teeth whitening

Professional whitening involves whitening teeth to make them lighter with varying shades.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the dental implant?

The dental implant consists of a titanium pin, replacing a tooth root (which is the invisible part of the tooth) that has been lost, and after healing, the dental crown is made, the visible part of the tooth.

What are crowns?

Crowns are the visible part of the teeth, above the gums. When a tooth is severely damaged by fracture or caries injuries, it is possible to reconstruct the crown, partially or completely, with different types of materials according to each case.

What are composite restorations?

In cases of cavities, or minor wear or fracture of the teeth, we can reconstruct or restore these areas with a material with characteristics similar to those of the tooth, and with a color that resembles that of neighboring teeth.

Isn’t that clear?

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