About Chemical Peel for Skin Resurfacing

Chemical Peel is a non-invasive medical-aesthetic treatment, which makes the skin more uniform, adds shine and radiance to the face.

It is done with the application of acids on the skin to remove the damaged layers and promote the growth of a smooth layer, which can be done to eliminate marks, blemishes, expression lines, and even small wrinkles.

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Benefits of Chemical Peel for the Skin

Frequently Asked Questions about Chemical Peel

What is Chemical Peeling?

Chemical Peeling is an aesthetic treatment where acids are applied to the skin, which help to remove the damaged layers through Peeling and promote the growth of a smooth, more elastic, smooth and fresh layer, through cell renewal.

What types of Peeling are there?

Chemical Peels are made with the application of chemical agents, with different acids and purposes, which remove the superficial layers of the skin, so that afterwards it regenerates with a better appearance.

Who is Chemical Peeling recommended to?

The chemical peel is recommended for men and women who want a facial rejuvenation, as it attenuates marks and increases skin elasticity. In addition, it is also recommended for the treatment of acne, acne marks, facial blemishes.

What are the expected results?

The chemical peel treatment is fast and brings progressive results, but visible after the first session. In addition to providing facial rejuvenation and treating marks and blemishes, the treatment also promotes the reduction of oiliness, increased production of collagen, improves the appearance and texture of the skin.

What precautions should one take before and after Peeling?

To apply chemical agents, the skin must be clean and defatted. During treatment, sun protection must be used. After peeling, you should use neutral soaps for the first few days after the procedure, and you should not forget to keep your skin hydrated.