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Nestled in the heart of Algarve, in Almancil, Faro, our clinic Atelier do Sorriso is the go-to destination for those seeking a brighter, more dazzling smile. Whether you’re a proud Algarve local or a visitor wanting to add that perfect sparkle to your holiday, we’ve got you covered!

🦷✨ Why Opt for Teeth Whitening?

Life happens! Age, dietary habits, smoking, or sometimes an overlooked oral hygiene routine can cause teeth to discolor. But fret not! Our teeth whitening procedure, performed by skilled dentists in Algarve, not only restores the brilliance of your smile but ensures the well-being of your teeth.

What is Teeth Whitening?

It’s the magic of turning yellowed or stained teeth into a stunning, radiant smile! No matter the technique we employ, our goal is for you to leave with a brighter, more confident grin. Remember, every smile is unique, so the result is tailored to you, factoring in various aspects discussed during your consultation.

F.A.Q. About Teeth Whitening:

What techniques are available to whiten teeth?

There are two forms of whitening – homemade, in which, as the name implies, the patient applies the product at home under the guidance of the dentist and that which is performed in the office and consists of placing a substance on the patient’s teeth and applying it on laser.

Which Teeth Whitening method to choose?

First of all, an assessment should be made to see if there are contraindications, such as exposed roots, cavities.

Both methods of tooth whitening are effective, but the choice varies from patient to patient. Sometimes, for better results, your dentist may indicate the two together: home and professional.

Are there any contraindications?

Although tooth whitening is a widely used technique, not everyone can do it.

Therefore, it is necessary to look for a professional who will evaluate each case.

Contraindications to tooth whitening include:

  • pregnant and lactating women;
  • people with tooth sensitivity or gingival irritation;
  • patients who have had chemotherapy and/or radiation recently;
  • people with many restorations on their teeth;
  • under 18.

Could there be post-treatment complications?

Temporary sensitivity to cold and bleeding gums are transient complications that may be present during the application of bleaching agents.

Will my teeth turn white at the end of treatment?

The results of the treatment, whatever the technique, are whiter teeth. The result may vary between each person, depending on a number of factors to be discussed in the consultation.

How to take care of teeth after whitening?

To obtain a good result and maintain it after bleaching, some basic care is necessary, namely:

  • food: avoid foods that have a high acidity rate; avoid colored foods or drinks with dyes; avoid the consumption of acidic juices and soft drinks.
  • hygiene: it is essential to follow the dentist’s recommendation regarding oral hygiene; wait 30 minutes before brushing your teeth after consuming acidic or dyed foods
  • change of habits: habits that impair the quality of teeth should be left aside, such as tobacco, frequent consumption of strongly colored foods, coffee, black tea.

How long does tooth whitening last?

There is no average durability of the results of whitening treatments since several factors, such as diet, local microbiota, and structural characteristics of the teeth interfere in the rate of yellowing and darkening of the teeth. However, although retouching is allowed each year, it is usually not necessary at intervals of less than 3 years.

Homemade recipes for whitening teeth: is it worth it?

No! Some homemade recipes – such as lemon, baking soda and orange peel – can even remove stains from teeth, but they also wear out the enamel, being expressly contraindicated.

Therefore, it is important to follow only the recommendations of a specialist: only he can guide you if you really need to do tooth whitening, which type is best and what degree of whitening you can achieve.

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